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PostHeaderIcon Sue – How Do You Spell Bareback Riding?

We had a fluidity clinic. I rode JR bareback for an entire day. I posted bareback. I was so sore, walking was a big problem.
Filled with confidence one late night. I saddle Sue up in the Parelli bareback pad.

I got on. We both felt the situation.

I made the slightest of signal to move. She moved one step and froze. I rubbed her gratefully for at least a minute.

I made another signal and we moved one step again and froze. We sat in solitary splendor for another long while.

We moved two steps the next time and stopped.

I have the Parelli airpad under the bareback pad and it must feel pretty weird.

I am so grateful that she moved one slow step instead of an arena length in high speed.

Finally we got my courage raised up enought to walk s l o w l y one length of the arena. She even tried to help me get off and rubbed my leg against the rail. Thanks!

We made it to the end of the arena and I slid off.

whew. What was I thinking!


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