PostHeaderIcon Sue – How Do You Do with Soldiers in the Sky!

I rode Sue, the “How Do You Do Horse”, today with friends. We picked our way through wretched mud, forded huge muddy puddles, walked on a damn by a huge stick-up grate with excess flowing roaring water. We were the lead horse for all the scary things in the park. We did really really well.

Then we had the three big military helicopters find us. Of course some of you know how beautiful I am. I believe my beauty and the beautiful bay horses is what made the helicopters circle us at somewhat low altitude THREE TIMES. My blond friend and her horse were standing right besides Sue and I when the helicopters discovered us. I believe she must have thought her blond beauty was the reason the helicopters circled us. She let out a few great big arm waves. Of course that is what Sue is still slighty scared of…human raised arms. Sue and I became nervous that the flapping arm would come over and hurt us…and we thought stongly about moving in a speedy manner somewhere else.

Finally the helicopters had enough of our beauty and left. The blond arm came down. Sue and I breathed sighs of relief and went on with our soggy ride. Our hearing came back soon after that.

Great beauty is such a handicap

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