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 I lied all last week about riding every darn day… I rode last
night and tonight in the group lesson. oh, it is heaven.

We found our flat foot walk and fox trotted even around the corners.
The last time, Jenny told me that Nova was so good it was time to stop.
She didn’t even want her going the reverse way because she did so good.
Quit when you are really way ahead. We were going on the 2nd hour of
the lesson.

We trail walked, we cantered, we leg yeilded, we did lot’s of things. I
have to practice keeping my arms still. I’m only allowed to make
movements with my fingers.

Also it’s time to let Nova and me have some fun during these practice
sessions. After we get the finesse practiced, we get to ride around the
arena bridleless. We’ll end with doing something that is fun.

May I never get too old to ride a great horse!


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