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Samantha (Sam) Cowick, age 7, told her mother, Summer, that she wanted to help children who needed help.  After some research, she told Samantha about some places where children could use some help.  When Sam heard about SAFEHOME, a shelter for battered women and children, she stated, “this is the one”.

Sam’s idea is to decorate birdhouses with the goal of making them suitable for fairies to live in the houses.  Summer, Sam and others in the family go find birdhouses that meet Sam’s approval.  They buy material that Sam determines will make a great house for fairies.  Under Sam’s supervision, the birdhouses are changed into Fairy Houses and put up for sale.

So far, Sam has spent $100 of the profits and made 50 Welcome Bags filled with small toys, snacks and coloring books and crayons to fill the bags.  Sam got to personally deliver bags to four young children who were thrilled to receive such an awesome gift.  That has intensified Sam’s desire to help the children at SAFEHOME.

Sam and her mother drove up to SAFEHOME just recently.  There were ten cars in the parking lot.  In a sad voice, Sam informed her mother that ten cars meant ten children who needed help.

I asked Sam to be a ribbon girl at our Kansas City Missouri Fox Trotter Spring Horse show.  She is so excited!  She loves to groom horses.  She has new boots and a very cute outfit to wear.   Sam is bringing her stock of Fairy Houses for sale.  Sam and her mother are new members of the KC Regional Fox Trotter club!  Please look in the lounge and pick out your favorite Fairy House to help Sam.  Summer, Sam’s mom, will be the one to pay. Summer will also be helping at the horse show…. especially with setting up Susan’s Free Style Objects!  Summer is my Personal Trainer at Anytime Fitness in Pleasant Hill.  If you notice that I’m cuter, it’s Summer’s training that is making the cuter changes.

The Kansas City Star has recently interviewed Sam about her Fairy Houses and donations to the shelter.  An article will be published in the KC Star this coming week with the news that Sam’s Fairy houses will be on sale at our horse show!  Sam’s Fairy Houses can be seen on Facebook at Sam’s Fairytastic Fairyhouses (  Her houses range in price from $10-$20.

Here is my Fairy House made by Sam!  


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