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PostHeaderIcon Lucky Star Pre-Horse Show Operating Instructions

Pre Horse Show Advice for Lucky Star’s Operating Official

1. Minimal Warm-up. Let him walk around the two arenas and return to trailer for rest.  He needs his rest!
2. Trail Class- Remember the hard part is
a. Get him into arena and
b. Get his start button to operate. Once he gets going, he will keep going.
3. Rail class operating guide
Follow a gelding into the arena
Ride as far away from the gate as possible when traveling on the rail
Never look at the gate or anyone standing at the gate. Ignore them
Strong Focus on the path you want Lucky Star to travel when anywhere near a gate
When reverse is called, don’t stop and turn. Do a small 180. Stopping might activate his “stop button”.

5. Pray in Western Pleasure that the judge doesn’t call for a stop when Lucky is near the gate


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