PostHeaderIcon A Toy and Red Dress For Christmas

It was the 50’s. Life was good in a small Iowa town for the cute little red-haired girl. Enough Christmas years had passed and the little girl realized that she should get her mother a present. The concept of giving to others had come to the little girl.

“Mommy, what do you want for Christmas?”
Mommy thought about it for a couple of seconds and replied, “I’d like a toy and a red dress.”

Mommy grew up during the depression when getting a toy for Christmas was very special. Having a little girl and a husband after WWII changed the world was a miracle many young women of that time didn’t get.

Later, Daddy was informed they went shopping. Mommy got a toy and a red dress for Christmas from her little daughter.

Many years later, Mommy was a Grandma. Her favorite color changed to pink. Grandson had a great time shopping for a pink garment and a toy for his grandmother when he became old enough to learn about giving to others.

One year Grandma got a battery operated car race track for Christmas. She and Grandson had a great time with that toy over the Christmas holiday. Grandma and Grandson enjoyed many toys over theIr many Christmas family celebrations.

As the years passed, the Grandma toys became carousel horse snow globes and music boxes. They were beautiful toys.

The Grandson toys became cameras and then electronic devises.

Having fun on Christmas started a family tradition long ago by a strong woman who grew up during the depression and lived through the horror of WWII with a husband who enlisted after Pearl Harbor.

Give someone you love a toy for Christmas and maybe even something red to wear. Keep the joy in your loved ones life!

PS: Love is Christmas
PS: A horse, puppy and kitten have been legally defined as a toy for Christmas

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