PostHeaderIcon Farrier Day

Farrier Day! We did not have a Fancy training session before the trim! She did argue just a bit when he was holding her front leg. When she argued, she was off balance and fell on her front knees. That was a huge learning lesson for her. She did not argue at all during the back leg trim. Fancy was in the round pen for a long time during Cisco’s trim, Tony rode Cisco and after, he reshod one back hoof.

I let Fancy out of the round pen and was hanging around. I got on the safe side of Cisco-away from Fancy. She got behind us about 30 feet and started running at Tony with her ears back. He had the stick and threw up his hand. She swerved and trotted by him. He swatted her with the stick. “Don’t come at me with your ears back.” Then she cantered on and he admired her canter. Fancy learned a lot today!

When Tony rode Cisco, he did drag his right hip/leg, but recovered. They trotted and cantered. The last time I rode him, he drug that right leg and then teetered off balance on all 4 legs until 2-3 steps to recover. He is better. We have gone through this stage before….but before the treatment for EPM. We just started inflammation treatment. Next week is another EPM test.

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