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PostHeaderIcon E-ventures with Emma and Fancy

It’s been too cold here in the Missouri Arctic to play with Fancy plus Emma needs a lot of attention. But today became an artic Emma and Fancy adventure. Lord help me.

Last night, I was vegged out watching the comedy TV programs as I was thinking about the quality of the air in the house. I could feel chilly air blowing on me and the temperature in the house appeared to be like a door was left open. Even though I knew no door was open, I still checked. I sat back down. Soon it just got too cold to watch TV. On my way to the bedroom, I looked at the thermometer. Sixty four degrees was the temperature! SCREAM. THE FURNANCE WAS RUNNING trying to raise the temp, but without any propane, it was an impossible task. Scream again. I turned off the furnace and it finally quit running. I turned on all the working baseboard heaters

Oil company opens 7:30 am. Left a voicemail message and sent an email. Brrrr. I crawled into bed and woke up to serious cold. House thermostat was 54 degrees. Evidentially, baseboard heaters are not enough for 15 below night. It was zero degrees outside when I started calling the oil company at 7:30 am. There were other people calling also, people without propane.

After the phone call went through, I let Emma and Sulley out. They disappeared amd too much time had passed. I started the car. No dogs appeared. No dogs anywhere. I decided to drive the car around the yard and workshop. I honked. No dogs. I noticed the horses were upset. My horses and the neighbor’s horses were spooky alert and nervously running here and there. Hmmmmm

Hero Mike appeared. I explained dog disappearance. Then we heard the barking. It was coming from the horse pasture. Oh Lordy, I knew Emma was in trouble. Hero Mike leaped over the fence and ran into the pasture. He spoke Emma words along with Fancy name. A few agonizing moments later, Hero Mike appeared with Emma in tow. He got her through the gate. I opened the Emma mini van door and she leaped in.

Mike explained. Fancy was herding Emma. Emma was terrified. Fancy herded Emma into a corner. Brave Sulley stood by Emma and was barking at Fancy. Hero Mike was able to get Fancy to cease her cow horse holding and rescued Emma.

Fancy is a cow horse! Her winter Versatility training with Tony and Jenny Vaught is going to happen very soon.

Good Lordy. I told hero Mike that we had a “no propane” problem. I was going to go buy space heaters, but Hero Mike has friends with unused heaters. He left and returned with space heaters. Life became barely bearable. Terry and I took a Long restaurant breakfast and lunch break. Finally around 4:00 pm, we had heat. Oh how I love heat in the 14 degree day! Im going to find new space heaters on sale this spring or summer.

The heat restoration came just in time to allow me to attend the musical, Color of Purple, at The Kauffman Center for Performing Arts. It was fabulous.

I collapsed in a warm bed after Sulley and Emma (on her rope) went outside to take care of dispensing liquid and solid matter.

PostHeaderIcon E-ventures with Emma

Emma helped me with filling water buckets today in the horse barn. She was loose. Emma did not go into the stalls with the horses. Whew!

We had at least three off-rope turnouts today, Sulley and Emma stayed together and Sulley delivered Emma back to the house every time! Whew

Sadly, Sulley lost his honored status as sunset was nearing. Sulley took Emma down the bank into Lake Robin. I watched as two doggies went out on the ice. I was alarmed. Self and I had a chat about how the ice is safe. It’s been below freezing for about a year here in Missouri. They were not going to fall in the lake. Self relaxed, but made a mental note not to let Emma run free when ice would melt.

Alarm rang again when they traveled to the far side of the lake and now we’re in the horse pasture. They were headed to fencing that might prevent a large dog from coming back to the house. Then Emma would be lost. She wouldn’t know to return the way they had come. Darkness was coming along with 20 below windchill weather! Scream. Emergency!

The car! I turned on the car. I honked the horn several times. The car was ignored by the two doggie adventurers. The car decided to drive. Sulley was delighted. He ran straight across the lake to chase the car. Good Lordy how does his legs operate in ice? Emma did not want to run across the lake. She was stuck. The car drove further on the driveway and Emma saw a path to the car. She ran along the bank ice, to the car! I got out and opened the rear door and she hopped right in. I was going to pick up the dishonored Sulley and put him in there too. But Sulley is the king of “I’m not coming when you want me.” So the car turned around in the snowy drove and returned home. Sulley was let into the house.

Emma decided to treat me to a gas fill-up while I got spouse pizza at Casey’s. I decided to get a slice of pizza and share it with Emma. I always want to reward her for being in the car! Of course she was in my front seat upon my return. We fought over the seat and Emma lost while I tore off a piece of pizza and rewarded her. I had just pulled out of Casey’s when Emma tried to snatch Terry pizza slices. Luckily, her snag was weak and I saved the Terry pizza!

Another day passes while dog hair flies. Our grooming appt is 7 long days from now.

Terry, Sulley and I are Team Emma. Sulley helps Emma by dispensing pee in the yard. Emma smells it lovingly and sometimes dispenses her own liquid. Sulley takes Emma away from the house and brings her back. If Emma doesn’t appear at the door along with Sulley, I yell and whistle. That doesn’t work. The car then gets involved. I remote start the car. It honks twice and roars to life. Emma rushes to investigate the car and then into the open door where I’m waiting for her in the house.
Terry and I are now taking Emma with us when we go out to eat. Emma loads herself into the rear and sniffs everything. Terry is already loaded. I load myself and off we go. Upon arrival, Terry holds Emma’s leash. I get out and open the rear door and get the walker out. I shut the door. Then Terry unloads himself into the arms of the walker. Emma stays in her place.
We went to our favorite truck stop tonight. Emma was in the front seat upon our return and her leash was caught.
I got the leash untangled, showed Emma her sausage links and put them on the rear floor. Emma got into the back and ignored the links. She wanted her head to be in the middle of the team.
Oh, when Terry got in, something distracted me. Next thing I knew, the walker was moving. Thankfully, I restrained it before it came in contact with any motor vehicles. It tried it’s best!
Sulley was glad to see us. He is thinking about calling the dog lawyers to sue for equality. Emma gets to travel. Emma gets more treats.

I am drowning in German Shepard dog hair. Emma is living in a warmer environment and doesn’t need all her hair. I’m covered in dog hair. Sometimes I wake up with dog hair in my mouth. I groom her every day, which probably just makes more dog hair fly about the house. Calling for grooming appt early tomorrow! Bleh

I passed Emma’s “The Voice” audition!
Big Big Day
I let Emma out on her long rope so she could get those immediate needy things done.

This morning would be the big day. I clenched my heart and mentally went through all the reasons Emma was ready. I dressed for the cold with layers and decided to wear my tennis shoes instead of old reliable shoes. I also got the chopped up sausage links in a short glass which I stuffed in my coat pocket.
Emma came back into the house. She sat down. We detached the rope.
Poof! Emma, Sulley and I went out the door. Emma was free!
I immediate gave her a sausage treat. Yum
We walked around. Emma stayed within 15’ of me. When she came close, I stopped walking and looked at her. She sat down! Oh Lawdy! I gave her a sausage treat. We walked clear around the house, stopping, sitting and getting a treat. That silly Sulley ran far away and Emma stayed close to me. I almost fainted with happiness, except I would have froze to death. We headed closer to front door. Treat. We got to the door and sat….treat! We went inside!
Our first off leash adventure was a success!
I put Emma on a leash and headed out to the barn. Oh she was good. We filled the barn water buckets and went to check the tank. Curses, it needed water. Joy, the water faucet was unfrozen. It worked! With freezing hands, I got the hose attached. When I lifted the handle. Water sprayed on my pants and Emma’s nose. It was attached a little loose. With partially frozen hands, I tightened it and let water flow again. Emma and I walked around, working on leash manners. I noticed that my feet were freezing. My leather shoes never froze my feet in this short of time. Huh
After the tank filled up, Emma and I struggled to drain the hose and get it wrapped up on the fence.
I could see my hands getting raw. My feet were freezing, but I could still feel them to walk to,the house with my perfect dog.
When getting out of my frozen jeans, I noticed my tennis shoes were fabric with breathing holes. These shoes are Summer shoes. How did I not figure that out!


Emma is very concerned about my safety out there in the real world. She decided to teach me a lesson.
“Never leave the keys in the car.”
The keys somehow earlier or yesterday, had leaped out of my purse into the middle storage area.
Don’t do that was the lesson.

Yes, she did leap up into the front seat. In fact, she locked the doors upon my arrival. I was carrying Terry’s Casey’s pizza slices supper.
I stared at Emma. She stared at me. She was inside the car. I was outside the car….worlds apart. Sigh
I went into McDonalds where a nicely dressed person was just leaving. Yes, I begged him to give me a ride to my home. After deciding I probably wasn’t going to rob him, he took me home to get my keys.
I’ve not been locked out of my car in a very long time.


Barking standing ovation to amazing alto performance!


Who sleeps with their head in the food bowl?

Emma did horse chores and feeding today, went to McDonalds drive thru to get meat, visited vet to see if there was a grooming appt opening soon, visited Pleasant Hill Feed Store in search of treats and ended up staying in back of mini van when human went in to get Emma’s daddy a couple slices of pizza.
Emma and Sulley are now on outside guard duty.
I’d just like to add that the ramp at the feed Store is not just for people. Emma hasn’t yet got confident enough to climb a few stairs, especially when there is so much World to stare at and smell.


Peace and quiet with Sulley and Emma surveying their kingdom

Emma— your body needs to be positioned the long way, not sideways in your new wire home.


Today Emma went through the McDonalds drive thru and ordered a Sausage McMuffin. She ate the sausage. Her human got out of the car to visit a necessary room. Upon the human’s return, Emma had moved into the front seat. After a bit of pulling and pleading, she returned to the back of the mini van. Upon closing the sliding door, she really tried to leap out. Upon restraint, the human got the door shut with just some of the leash caught in the door.
Then we visited the Pleasant Hill Feed Store. We love it there.
After a brief struggle to load up in the mini van, the human got the sliding door shut.
Upon our breathless exciting arrival home, Emma tried to behead herself by sticking her head in the wrong place on the automatic sliding door. Thankfully the human intervention came soon enough which also made the door stick open.
The human was exhausted before noon and required rest.
There are people talking on the other side of this door. I can hear them!

I never thought a bight sunny 22 degrees would be anything special!
Also Emma spurns turkey lunch meat but will eat hot dogs. I have chopped up hot dog chunks waiting now.


This evening, Terry was forced to heat a frozen food dinner. I was gone. I don’t know what the frozen food was because Emma discovered frozen food leftovers. I came home to find a wild dog devouring something. I picked up the pieces while the wild dog was leaping about, trying to lick my fingers covered with something juice.
This is a dog who has disdained most doggie treats. She will eat cooked linked sausage and turkey lunch meat, just barely. But the frozen dinner brought out a dog we have never seen!
This beat the ice cream experience all to heck!

Emma experienced peanut butter, coconut yogurt and ice cream at out private NY eve party. Her choice was vanilla bean ice cream, she also got to tear up the container.



First day with Terry Engle. He took this picture with his burner phone. This is Emma sleeping in her dog food bowl. Sulley owns the king size dog bed in the right corner.

Terry and Emma = Love

Sulley and Emma play

Emma slept in Terry’s room, woke up and pottied. Terry scooped it up in paper towel and flushed it. Plumber came around 3:00pm and charged $100.
I’ve always picked up the poop and understand how to get rid of it in toilet. But since Emma is Terry’s dog, he scooped it up. That is amazing.
I’ll be getting up earlier in the morning.

Emma is meeting Cisco and Fancy

Terry and I had our Christmas dinner with Teresa and Junior Osborn. They gave him the most wondrous gift in the world. Emma. She is a six year old German Shepard Dog. Thank You! Thank You!

The new star…


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