Mid America Rule Book - page 4

Today, when the automobile has replaced him as a necessity, the Fox Trotter is in
demand as a pleasure horse, show horse, and for cross country trail riding. His gentle
temperament makes him an especially suitable pleasure horse for women and children.
The objective of the Corporation, referred to hereafter as the Association, shall be as
1. To promote the education of the members of Mid-America Fox Trotting Horse Breed
Association in the breeding, care, use, handling, and development of fox trotting horses.
2. To encourage good sportsmanship and conduct among horse men and horse women
and to foster good fellowship among all persons interested in fox trotting horses.
3. To assist in the establishing of horse shows throughout the area of the Mid-America
Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association.
4. To establish a Judging seminar and to recommend judges for horse shows throughout
the area of the association.
- Any individual may become a member of the Association if said individual
pays the annual membership dues.
Place of Meeting
Any annual or special meeting of the membership shall be held at
such place within or without the State of Missouri as may be designated by the Board of
The annual meeting of members shall be held during the months of October
or November of each year for the purpose of electing directors and officers and for the
transaction of such other business as may come before the meeting. Special meetings of
the membership may be called by the President or by simple majority of the Board of
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