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My groundskills Goal for Lucky: Move out immediately when asked. All I want is a snappy 2 or 3 foot depart (Lucky footsteps) .

Lucky Star’s goal in an arena: Nap or stare around at interesting things. Lucky Star could be a great teacher of how to stay ground tied.


If convinced that he should move, Lucky Star’s favorite speed would match that of a tortoise.

My goal is “snappy”.

I think it was about 3:00 this afternoon when I finally realized how to ask and get snappy.
If you see me around, ask me to demonstrate the “make my self get big” move.
Lucky Star is moving out snappy now.
He even jumped over barrels late this afternoon
If course he was mentally exhausted at the end of the clinic and needed a nap before going home. He whined about his neck being cold, so I let him wear my vest. That is the picture that ended the clinic.

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Lucky Star First Trail Ride

Lucky Star is a one in a million horse! He handled his first real Trailride like a been there done that Horse

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From Jenny:

Lucky Star story for this cold windy day. New mare in the pasture. He was so…. excited. Followed her every where, including in the pond! She went for a swim, crazy horse. Four times. He watched until the fourth time, then he went in nearly up to his belly. Then had a good role. Needless to say, he had a blast on this cold windy day!