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I’ve been riding with Lynette for years at clinics and horse camps with natural horsemanship trainers, Tony and Jenny Vaught.

Two years ago Lynette bought a Missouri Fox Trotter from Big Barn Ranch named DJ. DJ had been trained by Tony and Jenny Vaught, but he still had a journey to cover with Lynette to bring him along into being a happy “finished bridle horse”.  I was there participating in some of the clinics in which Lynette and DJ participated.  It was fun to watch Lynette learn what Missouri Fox Trotting horses can smoothly do.  It was fun to watch DJ learn to love and trust Lynette!

Lynette decided she would get out into the competition world with DJ and compete in ACTHA events. She won and kept winning. She won the Missouri State Championship Pleasure Division.
When Lynette was announced the Missouri Champion, she had to submit a video. Jenny filmed this video and edited it.

This is what we do with Tony and Jenny Vaught!  We learn to communicate with our horse, develop the partnership and have tons of  fun!

Here’s the announcement from Lynette and the video.  I “sniffled” at the end. This is true high level communication and trust between horse and human!

“DJ was accepted by ACTHA for Americas Favorite Trail Horse-pleasure division competition to air Tuesday, May 29th!!! What a great horse…and thanks to all for your support. Lynette Shoup Ralph”\

We will be voting here!  The videos aren’t up yet.


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