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PostHeaderIcon Winter at the Computer – Yeccha

I do love making web sites.  I do love advertising horses.  I do love updating my web sites and finding new stuff that the software developers have added to make my experience better.

I use for my web sites.  It’s an old friend. Recently they have updated the place where I can almost make a pretty web site do anything I want without having to do the entire site in html coding.

I’m in the process of making Prides Traveling John John’s new web page.  There are glitches, but that’s the fun of it. Fighting with software is what I do in real life too.

And without further ADO: Pride’s Traveling John John’s new web page.  It’s supposed to have Nova and Diva’s picture on the page.  It’s supposed to not have that map at the bottom.  I don’t know where in the heck that came from.

I’m fighting with the software.  It’s winning.


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